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Romania ( Baia Mare city, Maramures region)


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Club Sportiv Supersport and Liceul Teoretic Emil Racovita Baia Mare
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Educazione fino ai 18 anni

Descrizione del progetto

Description Frase (max. 500 characters): 

Fare Football People Action Weeks” is a project about fight against racism and discrimination in footbal, sport and social life and we tried to find social inclusion methods for discriminated groups in community, using sport and education.

Project Summary (max. 2000 characters): 

The idea behind the Action Weeks is an european event promote by FARE network, that a wide range of initiatives and activities that address local problems take place within clubs or communities across the European continent to present a unified stand against discrimination in the game.
A key part of the activities are the events that further social inclusion by bringing people of different communities together through sport.
Our project aims are:
• To Create a united front by bringing together everyone in football /sport by involving immigrants, ethnic minorities or other target groups (religious, with disabilities, sex, etc.)
• To Develop ideas and new practices that challenge social exclusion and to provide tools for good practices evidenced by projects, extracurricular activities or other activities undertaken by schools or other community associations
• To create a national event to promote sport, physical activities, especially football and conducting a campaign to fight against discrimination and racism in community, especially in schools.
• To develop publications that can be examples of good practice

Da quando è funzionante il vostro progetto?

2012-09-29 22:00:00

Obiettivi ed elementi di innovazione

Our Objectives
- Addressing to European topic by carrying out activities which aim to eliminate prejudices and stereotypes, to promote dialogue, tolerance, intercultural awareness, solidarity and social inclusion by bringing together target groups through sport.
- Participation in the European campaign to fight discrimination:,, Football against racism in Europe "
- Awareness of the general public, young people, students, teachers and the community on issues of social exclusion, racism and discrimination.
- conducting a campaign to fight against discrimination and racism in community, especially in schools
- Guiding young peoples towards a healthy lifestyle
- creting a national event to promote sport, physical activities, especially football, but also other sports and to foster social inclusion and inclusive approach
- to promote national networking and cross-sector exchange experiences and knowledge

Specific objectives
- Informing students about the theme of the project and creating specific teaching materials
- Developing language skills, native language and English language
- Developing creativity, originality, teamwork of students and teachers
- Using ICT to create materials, to connect participants, to disseminate and promote our project on internet
- To provide the participants with tools for social integration work, and multi-stakeholder cooperation and partnership ( good practices evidenced by projects, extracurricular activities or other activities undertaken by schools in Romania (or other community associations)


Describe the results achieved by your project How do you measure (parameters) these. (max. 2000 characters): 
There were organized activities at national level : • 60 football exhibition matches and tournaments between pupils from schools and pupils of discriminated groups: minorities, other religions, disabilities, etc. • 15 other sport activities : handball, basketball, cheerleading, cross country, etc. with the inclusion of students in the target group • 20 meetings and debates about discrimination, racism and social violence, especially about violence in sport, with representatives of NGOs or community institutions • 12 Presentations and achievements of video, PPT, reports, quizzes, etc. on the project • 15 lessons on project topic • 24 Workshops for creation of drawings and posters with messages against discrimination and 6th exhibition of works by students • 8 Application of questionnaires Final products: • project website (website in Romanian and English) • a ,,Good Practice Guide,, with activities developed in the project - ISBN 978-973-0-17553-0 published at • ,,Sport and Antidiscrimination” ( magazine and CD) containing materials in Romanian and English about sport, discrimination and social inclusion (stories, essays, ideas and impressions of students and teachers involved in the project) ISSN 2457-5267 , ISSN-L 2457 – 5267 published at • posters and flyers on project, photos, videos and teaching materials essays, lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, etc. This project was FINALIST at National Gala Volunteers in december 2014
How many users interact with your project monthly and what are the preferred forms of interaction? (max. 500 characters): 

• number of participants (more than 4000 students and 200 teachers),
• partner schools (more than 60) and
• other institutions involved.(more than 20)
They used internet, facebook page , emails to communicate in project


What is the full duration of your project (from beginning to end)?: 
Da 3 a 6 anni
What is the approximate total budget for your project (in Euro)?: 
Meno di 10.000 Euro
What is the source of funding for your project?: 
Il progetto è economicamente autosufficiente?: 
Since when?: 
2012-09-29 22:00:00


Has your project been replicated/adapted elsewhere?: 
What lessons can others learn from your project? (max. 1500 characters): 

• Our project meet European values promoting equal opportunities, social inclusion through sport and language education.
• Our project use sport to fight against discrimination, racism and social violence. Projects like this are quite a few, although very important role of sport in society are well defined.
• Addressing cross curricular project involving more subjects (Romanian Language, Physical Education and Sport, arts education, ICT, English, music education, etc) defines an innovative method of teaching and learning.
• Informal and nonformal mtehodes used in project is a requirement of quality education.
• Although the basic theme is sports, many activities have led to a transdisciplinary approach to the educational process, through which students:
• assume roles in the team, developing prosocial behavior,
• develop their learning to learn competence
• develop their critical and creative thinking
• develop their language skills
• develop the ability to solve problems in new situations encountered by applying acquired knowledge
• Students and teachers generate new ideas, so that the virtual environment, we could participate in an exchange of experiences and best practices where creativity, imagination and innovation have played a very important role.
• The project addresses to all age groups, regardless of gender, religion, physical condition, social environment , etc, so that the proposed activities can be adapted to the requirements, needs, material conditions.
Sport makes an important contribution to economic and social cohesion, the special role that sport can play for young people, people with disabilities and those from less privileged backgrounds must be taken into account.

Are you available to help others to start or work on similar projects?: 

Informazioni aggiuntive

Barriers and Solutions (max. 1000 characters): 
Due to lack of funds participants from different schools could not meet face to face in this project. Activities were held simultaneously in partner schools and were published online
Future plans and wish list (max. 750 characters): 
• involving a large number of schools and institution in the coming years • involvement in new activities , sports competitions and creative contests • a national event and conference about sport and discrimination
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