Arab Center for Cyberspace Research-ACCR

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Arab Center for Cyberspace Research -ACCR
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Research center


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I do authorize the FMD to the use of my personal data.

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Education up to 29 years

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The first center independent research in the Arab world cares about the impact of information and communication technology to the Arab society .its created and established in September 2010. its specializes in research and surveys online and includes a selection of experts and researchers, the Egyptians and Arabs, has been established as a think tank.

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Research Units

Unit studies the digital democracy
Unit studies the digital economy
Unit studies new media
Unit analysis of social networks - and Facebook Analysis Unit - Unit studies the Internet and society
Unit cyber Security Studies
Studies Unit of intellectual property and the Internet
Unit Strategic and Political Studies

Auxiliary units

Unit and investment projects
The unity of opinion polls and market studies
Unit Training and Consulting

Unit of Legal Studies and assistance

How long has your project been running?

2017-05-30 22:00:00

Objectives and Innovative Aspects

the goals of our project

work to support democratic values and institutions and the definition of political action to support the transition to democracy in Egypt and the Arab world
Administration's support for diversity and difference between the parties and support the values of dialogue and tolerance using information and communication technology.
Support freedom of opinion and expression and to rationalize the use of tools of opinion and expression over the Internet in the context of preserving the rights of digital rights.
Support the role of cyberspace to expose corruption and censorship on the performance of government institutions and how to use new media tools in the control roots.
Face spreading rumors and misinformation in order to maintain loyalty to consolidate the values of national and social and economic stability.
Raise the skill and training to help young people engaging in partisan political action and political leadership and prepare the young.
Provide training on the electronic and advertising campaigns and media through the Internet and used in political elections and support candidates.
Support the use of the Internet in the control of elections and raising the political awareness
Work to support marginalized groups and their integration in technological development are working to establish social peace
The use of information and communication technology in support of the values of tolerance between different religions and sects and to monitor cases of religious hatred broadcast over the Internet.
Strengthening the role of new media and electronic media in development within the community.


Describe the results achieved by your project How do you measure (parameters) these. (max. 2000 characters): 
1- we win the prize of the best Arab couture project in arab world in 2011 2-the all visitors to our website is up to 3 million and half since 2012 3- the fans on Facebook page up to 27500 4-the results about our center in Google search engine 5-paricpate in international conference like international conference on cyberspace in Netherlands in april 2015 and global media forum in june2015
How many users interact with your project monthly and what are the preferred forms of interaction? (max. 500 characters): 

1- about 5000 visitor in day ,about 150000 visitors in month to our website and many flowing in social media
the tools of interaction
1- website
2-social media


What is the full duration of your project (from beginning to end)?: 
From 3 to 6 years
What is the approximate total budget for your project (in Euro)?: 
Less than 10.000 Euro
What is the source of funding for your project?: 
Is your project economically self sufficient now?: 
Since when?: 
2015-05-30 22:00:00
When is it expected to become self-sufficient?: 
2017-11-29 23:00:00


Has your project been replicated/adapted elsewhere?: 
What lessons can others learn from your project? (max. 1500 characters): 

1- good analysis
2-mental deal with our issues

Are you available to help others to start or work on similar projects?: 

Background Information

Barriers and Solutions (max. 1000 characters): 
1-leak of fundraising 2-relation with policy maker
Future plans and wish list (max. 750 characters): 
1-turn to headquarter a violable to learn more youth and provided with new equipments 2-make a big conference every year about the issue interested 3-tray to cover our activities in other Arab states 4-produce videos to e learning