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We don't need any expense for it, only a kitchen we can find.


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Education up to 29 years

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Food is the best language to get people together. We enjoy different food and cultures, and make friends with people around the world. After traveling, we developed different flavors, it’s kind of food revolution and innovation. Even if you never go traveling, it’s easy and fun to create your own after the exotic food storm. The young generation is especially interested in food creation. We collaborated with food lovers among schools, and used internet discussion to create our kitchen magic.

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Food is an important language to make friends. After traveling, we enjoy different food, cultures exchange, and started our food revolution. Our original stomach mixed with different flavors and created innovation. In 2010, we joined a conference in Turkey, had a food party with collaborated school in the park before the conference. The students had food exchange with homestay families, even the parents’ helped. That’s our first food storm with Huri’s team. In 2015 GJC, Darko who got GJC award invited us to visit Tiburtina and cooked for my students. We were so touched and decided to collaborate. After GJC, we visited my friend Francoise’s school in Cesano, had fun design activity with the students, and planned to have more collaboration. Michael continued supporting TIG website. It’s a pity, Darko was too busy for his PHD, but he is always my backup--- co-facilitator. Most of my students who are interested in cooking are boys, especially on food innovation---I taught in a boys’ school for years. I think the girls get the kitchen knowledge from their moms in a traditional way. Besides, the boys enjoy food and find everything, everywhere for food. That stimulates them to taste even cook for others or sharing. One student had his IG food report---orangejen0107. That’s another way for food lovers. After going to the university, some students even cooked at school dormitory--- their secret kitchen. The more pressure they have; the more crazy ideas will be bumped. Furthermore, the students who had independent traveling are more creative, for they saw, they ate, and they started to cook--- their traveling survival kits. Studying abroad is another food challenge, and we had some reports. Kids from elementary are creative, for they started to explore the world, and they are brave to try without limitation. Finally, we got background music consent for our final report film from a famous singer on Aug 1st, that’s the best encouragement for us.

How long has your project been running?

2015-10-01 00:00:00

Objectives and Innovative Aspects

Our participants are from elementary to graduated studying or fresh graduates. We used FB group and TIG website to connect and present our reports, also we have free VC room support from Blackboard. But most of the teams don’t like to use the website or FB, even think it’s not good for the students to use internet. The world is changed, if the parents can help, it’s a good way to get more knowledge and let the kids develop their talents earlier with international collaboration. We should try to make good use of ICT, and give the students a safe space to develop or share. I asked my elder students to be my assistants and helped transfer the reports from FB to TIG. ICT on projects can only be existed when the teachers and parents support. In order to promote to eat healthily, we have 4 future doctors, a pharmacist and a nurse in our group. They are intern or still in the university. Some just graduated and some are studying for the master degree. For Example, Nadin invited her schoolmates to make Taiwan food or exchange recipes with the ingredients they could find in Austria. Debbie borrowed the kitchen from the professor when she had an intern exchange in the USA. Food exchange can stimulate more innovation and make friends. During my school visits in Turkey and Colombia, the students also had food performance, and they were mad with it. Everyone became fond of food revolution and innovation… interesting. Why not drive people crazy for food?


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It is a project since long time ago, but started the action with a new website after Oct 2015. For food innovation needs more experienced teachers to guide the students, I invited some of the international friends only. During my school visits in Colombia and Turkey, the students had their creative food show, we had lots of fun and more creative food during and after the activity, I had films about it. That’s the best communication--- food conversation. It stimulated more students to develop their talents. I invited some students who will be the future doctors to check the recipes, and see if the innovation is good for health. So, we have doctors, a pharmacist, and a nurse, they are my ex-students and are interested in food innovation. Also we had a group of chefs from Rome-- Alessandra’s school. I asked the teachers to guide the students and every student should have at least 5 dishes to contribute the group and then they can get certificates. As to the recipes, not only innovative food but also fusion cuisines and leftovers become delicacies are allowed. Anything which can create kitchen magic is our main ideas, I forbid the participants to copy others, only use their own ideas, but even some teachers are not good at innovation, either. We encouraged the kids to join under the directions of parents. For the kids have boundless imagination, but they are not good at cooking. If the parents would like to help develop their creative ideas, it will be great. Food creation is like art, we can build a place for the kids to create, enjoy and develop. After our Fun Design project got award, we would like to extend the student’s talents on food, not only decoration, but create new flavors with the world collaboration. Roman team already started their business career with the help from a restaurant. I asked a restaurant to sell the postcards my students design for the projects. It is just a start, and we would like to share our experience to encourage more youth.
How many users interact with your project monthly and what are the preferred forms of interaction? (max. 500 characters): 

Because my awarded projects were copied, I set this project in FB and TIG private group for the participants to exchange ideas. If there’s no report from the students, I will delete the team. There’s few copyright idea among the teachers, but all of the students worked so hard for their dream, we have to take care for them. Kitchen Magic is like a brainstorm, not only follow but break the stereotypes, and that’s the reason we couldn’t include many teams in it, only had about 15 teams included.


What is the full duration of your project (from beginning to end)?: 
From 1 to 3 years
What is the approximate total budget for your project (in Euro)?: 
Less than 10.000 Euro
What is the source of funding for your project?: 
We never got any money support, we don't need, it's international project collaboration
Is your project economically self sufficient now?: 
Since when?: 
2014-10-01 00:00:00


Has your project been replicated/adapted elsewhere?: 
Where? By whom?: 
So far, I well protected Kitchen Magic, set it in private. But my old awarded projects were copied. I’ll set it in public as soon as I handed in the proposal.
What lessons can others learn from your project? (max. 1500 characters): 

The students are creative, only need the teachers to find their specifics and encourage them. They have talents but need motivations. It can be not only a research on future work but fun of life.. I already started this action, and you can find it from our FB private group. We also use formal website TIG, Michael from Canada provided it. It’s safe and convenient for the students to make good use of both links. Also Blackboard always supported us free VC room since 2008. That’s the key of our projects with ICT skills, and I trained my students to be my assistants, they are happy to join all of the VCs for project presentations. if the parents can help, it’s a good way to get more knowledge and let the kids develop their talents earlier. Since we can’t change the internet influence to the kids, why not make good use of it? Give the students a place to develop or share and try to enjoy the life. We enjoyed learning and sharing. if you enjoy inspiring the students, you won’t stop this action and will create more opportunities for the students. and the elders are willing to guide the youngers. Finding more graduated students and parents to work on projects and creating more miracles for the students will be our main action.

Are you available to help others to start or work on similar projects?: 

Background Information

Barriers and Solutions (max. 1000 characters): 
To prevent from copying, i have to select teams, and that’s why we had less participated teams this time. Kitchen Innovation is like art work, also it is a voluntarily extra work, only a passionate and experienced teacher can guide the students---they are the key of the projects. Most of the teams couldn’t reach the goal, no innovation ideas at all. The solution is I made more examples with my elder students, and asked to include the parents on kitchen skills and website postings if the kids are too young. The elder students who graduated were back to help the youngers. You don’t need a place to teach, they can collaborate on line, and that’s ICT collaboration without boundary. During the proposal writing, Roma team got an opportunity to run a restaurant; Taiwan student, Kevin started his food thoughts and sold evil toast. It made me think more---encourage more students to help on future kitchen design, and… We have many obstacles, even the worst situation, but never gave up.
Future plans and wish list (max. 750 characters): 
I will invite more countries to join the project. Joining the competition is like we are registered for the world copyright, we can develop it freely. We already had good examples from the students and teachers, find a way for the youth to develop their career, and let the kids enjoy the specifics and learning something new on food and technology. I’ll let different teams work on different parts and help the one which wants to start a restaurant. Some focus on design, some on cooking, some on business, and some on development…That’s collaboration. Rome team and Taiwan Kevin are the best examples--- An international restaurant which has many on line supporters behind. Let’s rock the world with our Kitchen Magic. We are looking forward to it.
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