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Rionero in Vulture, PZ


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Via S. Antonio, 6 85028 Rionero in Vulture
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no source of founding


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I do authorize the FMD to the use of my personal data.

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Education up to 10 years

Project Description

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The purpose of this project is to allow our students to acquire the necessary competences to live in the 21st century characterized by three important aspects: the Internet Era, the Multilingualism and the Globalization. It is founded on the use of eTwinning based learning in everyday school activities, in a cross curricular approach to different school subjects and functional to the achievement of the most innovative guidelines, both national and European, and the CLIL.( Mother tongue/ english).

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The project is born from a collaboration between some teachers from different European schools, exactly the Istituto Comprensivo " Ex Circolo Didattico"" of Rionero in Vulture; Szkoła Podstawowa nr 9 im. M. Kopernika w Dzierżoniowie, Dzierżoniów, Poland; Agrupamento de Escolas da Lousã - EB nº2 from Lousã, Lousã, Portugal; CEP Virgen de la Guía, Portugalete, Spain. It's been recognized for a long time that the traditional school work and learning are no longer able to meet the needs of today's students. Many students start to become reluctant to learn and adopt disruptive behaviour in class, or drop school. This project, thanks to the use of eTwinning and ICT tools, allowed us to go beyond the traditional lesson, experiencing a new way to teaching and learning, based on the creation of an interactive, collaborative and motivating learning environment and the proposed of practical, inquiry-based tasks and open-ended problems. Students are been guided to find solutions and to learn through the exchange of ideas, research, collaboration, creativity, the assessment of their own work and that of others.. Students and their collective learning experience are at the center of learning. They are engaged in active learning and to work in teams on multidisciplinary topics fostering competence development and strengthening both individual and collaborative aspects of learning. The proposed activities have allowed the students to integrate the virtual experience with the real one (inside and outside of school) and rework it creatively through the use of technology.

How long has your project been running?

2014-08-30 22:00:00

Objectives and Innovative Aspects

The intent of this project was to integrate eTwinning in school activities as a cross curricular method, a way to overcome the traditional lesson model and promote the accomplishment of multidisciplinary and collaborative learning units/modules(attached Document: Learning Units). These were planned to address different topic and its objectives were set according to our schools curricula. All the competences was developed. - ICT, English and native language were used across the activities .The main one the communicative, oral and written but the scientific competence due to the themes chosen for the project, has been very well developed (internet, environment, recycling). We can’t forget the autonomy and personal competence because the students , guided by teachers, are the ones to carry out the project as they were the designers of the activities The Math competence, artistic and learn to learn were also important in the project This is a first attempt at a new approach to school thanks to the use of eTwinning. The project was approved by the Teachers Councils and integrated in plan of training (Spain and Italy)/ Activities Anual Plan (Portugal). For the objectives of various modules see the page Project of the eTwinning twinspace. Were used various Web 2.0 tools, such as google doc and Padlet for collaborative brainstorming, Google slides with a set of guidelines on digital citizenship and presentations, Prezi for the 'development of plan for a healthy living developed by students, free websites for image editing ,tools for creating / editing video or slides (windows movie maker, Slidely, Photopeach or other), YouTube to host videos, Madmagz for creating a collaborative e- magazine on environmental sustainability, ooVoo for the videoconferences, Sticky Moose voting tool (for the logo competition, Christmas songs and presentations), Thinglink, Myhistro (trip around the country) and Takl to show the 10th anniversary celebrations in each school.


Describe the results achieved by your project How do you measure (parameters) these. (max. 2000 characters): 
<p>This project has enabled pupils to develop a number of 21st century competences: communication skills, interpersonal skills, intellectual skills, collective problem solving skills, cooperation, digital competence It involved all students actively in the learning process by stimulating their interest, creativity and motivation. allowing them a variety of experiences. The planned targets were met positively by the majority of pupils. The learning/teaching process improved, reaching higher results. The activities were continuously monitored through: observation of social behavior and cognitive, which take into account the level of participation, commitment, personal responsibility and mutual support in the various activities; conversations and discussions to see the changes that this experience has made compared to previous knowledge, the degree of awareness achieved by pupils with the proposed topics and learning strategies used; peer to peer review: final product. The experience was also positive for the teachers . They had the chance to experience new and exciting ways to interact with each other and met to discuss new teaching methods. enriching and growing professionally. Thanks to their mediation and the sharing of work done, they were organized meetings with the school community, the whole school community has benefited. The results were shared with the whole schools and some other classes not involved directly in the project also took part, spreading the project to other classes and teachers (for example in citizenship lessons). The project was also presented in the school blogs and the school magazine printed every month in school, so it reached all the members of school: students, teachers, parents and families.</p>
How many users interact with your project monthly and what are the preferred forms of interaction? (max. 500 characters): 

The project involved teachers and students from partners school, parents ( Italy), Teachers and students communicate and cooperate using ICT tools (email, videoconferences, eTwinning twinspace). The eTwinning twinspace gave the opportunity to the different project partners to stay in constant contact and keep constantly updated on the implementation of the various activities and progresses made, as well as to share ideas and materials. Apart from that, the relationship between the teachers involved has been continuous sending emails several days a week so the contact has been very close.


What is the full duration of your project (from beginning to end)?: 
From 1 to 3 years
What is the approximate total budget for your project (in Euro)?: 
Less than 10.000 Euro
What is the source of funding for your project?: 
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Since when?: 
2015-06-29 22:00:00


Has your project been replicated/adapted elsewhere?: 
What lessons can others learn from your project? (max. 1500 characters): 

This project is a demonstration of how eTwinning is far beyond a simple e-learning platform. If well used it is a useful methodology to innovate, improve and make collaborative the process of teaching / learning playing a fundamental role in achieving the skills of the 21st century. Furthermore, the proper use of technologies can help to create a learning environment based on creativity, autonomy, language and technical skills and affects the relationship that children have with the school, focusing on the relationship and dialogue between peers , between students and teachers, by encouraging the exchange and cooperation from several European schools, strengthening and enhancing the ability of all pupils, encouraging their active participation in the world of education by reducing a inequalities and difficulties, motivating students to engage in learning, preventing any risk of early school leaving and lays the groundwork for the formation of active and responsible citizens, able to fit in an active and productive in a highly technological and globalized society.

Are you available to help others to start or work on similar projects?: 

Background Information

Barriers and Solutions (max. 1000 characters): 
<p>Shortage and lack of technology in our school. Equipping the school of suitable and functional technological tools.</p>
Future plans and wish list (max. 750 characters): 
<p>This project will continue in the future in relation to the activities provided for in the school curriculum of the various schools It would be good that he found a greater extent in our schools and that the school was equipped with spaces and functional tools.</p>
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